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Located in Auburn, Indiana and born originally from the Eckhart Carriage Company in 1875, Auburn grew to be one of the finest niche produced vehicles money could buy as well as one of the world's most sleek body designs available. Formed as a family enterprise in 1875, the Eckhart Carriage Company supplied the wholesale trade with a line of buggies and surreys. By 1919 the Eckhart Brothers sold out to a group of Chicago investors whose plan for success and profits took a different direction and led them to look for someone to help with their success. In 1924 they approached an extremely successful automobile salesman by the name of Errett L. Cord with an offer to manage their operation. Cord had other ideas and instead countered with an offer to take over the entire company and the group accepted.

By 1926 Mr. Cord had partnered with Dusenberg Corporation using it as a launch pad for a niche line of cars that were high-priced including the famous L-29 Cord. All Cords became noted for the advanced engineering concepts and striking beauty. Movie stars & Millionaires all wanted to be seen in a Cord or an Auburn...and were. With the added benefit of famed designer Gordon Buehrig, the Model J Duesenberg became a legend as did the Boattail Speedster with disappearing headlamps, state-of-the-art engines and drivetrains, Front-Wheel Drive and much more.

Unfortunately and maybe as a big sign of the times, by 1937 production of Auburns, Cords and Duesenbergs ended and eventually forced Cord to give up control of his cars and companies.

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