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1936 Cord Model 810
2-Door Phaeton

Model Year History Overview:
E.L. Cord started his famous line of magnificent cars in 1930.  Errett Lobban Cord began his automobile career as a roustabout Los Angeles used-car salesman in 1920.  By 1926 he had become president and chief stockholder of Auburn. By the early 30’s he had acquired Duesenberg and Checker, as well as Auburn.  He was responsible for some of the most magnificent cars ever on the road: the Auburn Speedster, the Model J Duesenberg, and the front-wheel-drive Cord L-29.  His Cord 810 and 812 are among the most memorable cars of the ‘30s. His innovative front wheel drive was vastly improved in 1939 with the engine being mounted just aft of the axle and the differential/clutch assembly extended forward to the transmission.  Its transmission was a four-speed unit with electric pre-selector.  You selected the next gear by means of a lever on the steering column; you stabbed the clutch when ready to make a shift.  The unique electric starter system once pushed engages and continues to turn the engine over until it finally starts.  The supercharged version would do nearly 110 mph in 13 seconds, performance that made it one of the fastest prewar American production cars.  The headlight covers that provided improved aerodynamics are opened and closed be a mechanical lever inside the car.  E.L. Cord’s empire collapsed in 1937 and with it, the Cord automobile.

This car had a complete re-paint in 1999
Total 1936 Cords Registered: 1,174

Originally Sold To: N/A
MSRP:  $2,195.00

Stock Number: C 57

1936 Cord Model 810
2-Door Phaeton

VIN Number:   8102417H
Date of Manufacture:  N/A
Assembly Plant:  N/A
Exterior Color:  White
Convertible Top:   Black Canvas w/Red Piping
Interior Trim: Red Leather
Engine:   288.6 CID Lycoming Aluminum Flathead V-8
Schwitzer-Cummins Centrifical Supercharger
170 Horsepower @ 4200 RPM
Bore/Stroke: 3.50” X 3.75”

Transmission:  4-Speed Manual

Stock Number: C 58

  • Schwitzer-Cummins Centrifical Supercharger
  • “Richardson” CV Front Joints/Front Wheel Drive
  • Wayne Wiermiller Transmission Front Wheel Drive
  • Authentic Rick Hulett Top w/Correct Rear Oval Window
  • Full Wheel Covers
  • Wide Double-Sided Whitewall Tires

Weight: 3,864 LBS
Wheelbase: 125.0 Inches

Stock Number: C 58

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