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1950 Jaguar Mk V Drophead Coupe

Model Year History Overview:
Introduced in 1948 the Jaguar Mk V had a pre-WWII flavor but was actually all new.  In many respects the Mk V is a forgotten Jaguar, produced for just three years and never regarded as exciting compared with its 100 mph successor, the Mk VII, or the glamorous XK.  While this car was basically pre-war in appearance, it had 1950s dynamics, but shared not one panel with its predecessors.
The Mk V had headlights faired into the finders, modern push-button door handles and half-frame doors that gave it a contemporary flavor and separated it decisively from its predecessors. It had a top speed of 97 mph with 0-50 mph in 10 seconds.  This car could maintain 80 mph or more for hours and top 90 mph while the average family car would have been lucky to manage 70 mph.  In 1948 it was regarded as stop-gap vehicle as well as the mainstay of production while the new twin-cam saloon (sedan) the Mk VII was still in production.
This Jaguar Mk V scored 99.76 at the 2002 Jaguar Concours in Kansas City.
Total 1948-51 Jaguar Mk V saloon & Drophead production: 10,493
Total 1948-51 Mk V Drophead coupe production: 1,001
MSRP: $2,374.00

Stock Number: C 45

1950 Jaguar Mk V Drophead Coupe
VIN Number:  Z1881
Date of Manufacture:  N/A
Assembly Plant:  N/A
Exterior Color: Dark Blue
Convertible Top:  Tan Canvas
Interior Trim:   Wine Leather
Engine:   3.5 Litre OHV In-Line 6-Cylinder / Dual 1.5–inch SU Carburetors / 125 Horsepower @ 4,250 RPM
Transmission:  4-Speed Manual Floor Shift

  • Individual Leather Front Seats
  • Dual road Lamps
  • Dual Front Fender Mounted Mirrors
  • Fender Skirts
  • Wheel Trim Rings
  • Wide Whitewall Tires

Wheelbase:  187 inches
Weight: 3,692 LBS
Width:  69 inches
Height:  62.5 inches 

Stock Number: C 45

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