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Built by noted hot rodder Rick Dore

With the Great Depression under way, many companies struggled to stay afloat. In Ford's case, Henry offered value in the "Low-Priced Three" that others could not match via a V-8 in the 1932 replacement for the Model A. The Deuce, as it was to be known, became the first low-priced mass-produced American car to include a V-8. Fifteen-plus years later, Hot Rodders grasped both the car and Ford's "Flathead" motor to create their vision of speedy and stylish . . . and the tradition continues as the 1930s Ford is the quintessential hot rod.

A prominent Texas collector recognized this inalienable fact when he commissioned Arizona-based Kar Kustomizer Rick Dore to build something that would raise the bar for oohs and aahs. Based on a Jimmy Smith illustration, Rick started with a '36 Ford roadster and placed the body on a modified chassis supplied by Total Cost Involved Engineering. The suspension was then altered to allow Air Ride Technologies air bags at all four corners.

With the body in place, the paint was stripped, then sent to California to have the front end finished. John Aiello fashioned the hood while the brass detail, such as side trim and Packard grille, were hand-formed by Flynn Millard. With Rick's DuVall-style windshield and skirts now in place, the Ford was ready for paint duty. Art Himsl coated the body over and over with his concoction of custom-made candy apple red PPG paint.

Contra Costa Vinyl refinished the seats in a "sano" pearl white leather, using the same material for the Carson-style top. Classic Instruments gauges give feedback on the Ford's ticker. With Chrome Tru-Spoke wire wheels and Coker wide white walls installed, the Ford made its debut at SEMA '07

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