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The high demand for the Hertz Shelby GT-H led to the birth of a retail version of the car. The goal was to build a limited edition pony car that would be equally at home on the track, a daily commute or out on the town. Powered by Shelby and Ford Racing Performance Parts, the Ford Shelby GT lived up to that goal with spectacular handling, stick-to-the-ground cornering and dust-the-competition acceleration from its 4.6 liter V8. Unlike the GT-H, both manual and automatic transmissions were available in the Shelby GT. Only 5,632 coupes (in black or white) were built in 2007 while 2,300 coupes and convertibles (in black, orange or blue) were manufactured in the 2008 model year. Each limited edition convertible and coupe was affixed with a serial number that was recorded in an official Shelby Factory Registry.

The Shelby GT was built in the Las Vegas facility, where every rivet was fastened, bolt tightened and modification installed by Shelby technicians before a car roared out of the door. The California Region Ford Dealers created an advertising campaign around Carroll his band of Hot Rodders at Shelby Automobiles because the company was originally founded in the LA area. Based on this request, Shelby Automobiles produced a small number of Shelby GTC's for them. Based on the Shelby GT, the pony car was available in Grabber Orange with silver stripes. A total of only 216 orange coupes and convertibles were built exclusively for California dealers. This particular Shelby GT was the part of a three way "shoot out" article called "Pony Expressed" in the April 2008 issue of "Motor Trend." The magazine assembled a normally aspirated Mustang from Shelby, Roush and Saleen for their test. All of the cars were base models with optional upgraded wheel/tire packages and brakes; they were put through their paces on the street, strip and road course. Once the smoke cleared, the Shelby was firmly in the winner's circle. The orange Shelby posted the best time in the figure 8, had the best lateral acceleration, was the fastest to 80mph and the lightest in the group. Motor Trend lauded the Shelby GT for its crisp turn-in, fade-free brakes, responsive throttle and tenacious grip. The editors also declared the Shelby GT's looks as the most striking. Its dyno test showed that the Shelby actually made more horsepower and substantially more torque than the company advertises.

Owned by Shelby since new, this car still carries the same equipment and tires that led it to victory in the famous magazine comparison test. 3879 actual miles.

Year: 2008
Make: FORD
Style: COUPE
VIN: 1ZVHT82H585100473
Exterior Color: ORANGE
Interior Color: BLACK
Cylinders: 8Engine Size: 4.6 LITER
Transmission: 5-SPEED MANUAL

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