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2000 Mustang Cobra “R” Coupe
Model Year History Overview:

          The 2000 Mustang Cobra “R” was the most powerful, brutal Mustang since the Boss 429.  Only 300 were produced and all were painted performance red with dark charcoal leather interiors.  The 3,590-pound R can zip from zero to 60 miles an hour in less than five seconds, with a top speed of more than 170 mph.  Speeds at redline for each gear are: 47mph in first; 68 in second; 98 in third; 141 in forth; 170-plus in fifth and 160-plus in sixth.  At $ 55,000, the SVT Mustang Cobra “R” model sold all 300 units before the first cars hit the dealer’s showrooms. The unique characteristic about this car is not its speed or limited production, rather, it was sold as a street legal car and could be driven as such. Now, as always is the case, where there is some reward there is also some risk. Because this car was sold as a potential racer it came with absolutely, positively NO warranty expressed or implied, NO Air Conditioning for parasitic drag during launch, NO seats other than the Driver's for weight reduction, NO stereo for entertainment (entertainment was keeping your eyes on the road while you were doing in excess of 150 mph not listening to John Denver's hits of the 60's) and, a removable front air fascia so, if you decided to take it off the track and on to the city streets, you wouldn't have to worry about speed bumps destroying your car. This car has never been registered nor driven anywhere.

Total 2000 Mustang Cobra “R” Production:       300
Originally Sold To: Sam Pack’s Lee Jarmon Ford, Carrollton, Texas
Dealer Invoice:  $49,292.80
MSRP:  $55,020.00

Vehicle Mileage: 2

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