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1966 Mustang GT Hardtop Coupe

Model Year History Overview:
Mustang was the greatest single automotive success of the ‘60s and raised Ford volume by well over half a million cars.
This set an all time record for the first year’s sales of any new model from 1965 through 1968. Mustang came in three basic forms: hardtop sedan, a convertible and a semi-fastback coupe. The crisp notchback hardtop like this car was unquestionably the sales leader. Part of Mustang’s appeal lay in its myriad of options.  For $ 170.00 the GT package offered an assortment of goodies, including front disc brakes, a full-grade instrument panel and special badges.  A variety of interiors were available along with accent stripes and special moldings for the exterior.
The first Mustang engines were the 170 CID Falcon six-cylinder and the 260 CDI small block V-8.  Later a 200 CID engine replaced the six and the 260 V-8 was discontinued all together 3 months after intro in favor of the more popular 289 CID V/8.
Total 1966 Mustang Production 607,568:   Hardtops:   499,751  /  Convertibles:  107,817
Originally Sold To: Miracle Ford, 4908 West Lovers Lane, Dallas, Texas    
MSRP:  $2,416.00

Stock Number: C 02

1966 Mustang GT Coupe

VIN Number:   6R07A225168
Date of Manufacture:  N/A
Assembly Plant:  Dearborn, Michigan
Exterior Color:  Lt. Blue Metallic
Convertible Top:  White Vinyl Hardtop
Interior Trim:  Blue/White Vinyl Bucket Seats

Engine: 289 CID Ford OHV V/8 - 200 Hoprsepower - Bore/Stroke 4.00" x 2.87"

        Transmission:  Cruiseomatic

Wheelbase:  108.0 inches
Weight:  2,488 LBS

Stock Number: C 02
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