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1916 Ford Model T
Vin Number: 1068264
Exterior Color:  Black

1916 Ford Model T
Touring Car

VIN Number:  1068264 
Date of Manufacture:  N/A
Exterior Color:  Black
Convertible Top:  Black Leatherette
Interior Trim:  Black Leatherette
Engine: 176.7 CID Ford Flathead (L-Head) Inline 4 - Cylinder
     Updraft Carburetor w/Dash Adjustm 22 Horsepower @ 1600 RPM
      4.0:1 Compression
        Bore/Stroke: 3.75”X 4.00”
Transmission:    2-Speed Floor Pedal Planetary
Controlled by three pedals: Clutch (Left), Reverse (Middle), and Brake (Right)



Model Year History Overview:

The traditional Model T styling of 1915 remained for 1916.  Its salient features after April 1916, all lamps and the horn were painted entirely black and the hood was made of steel.  Prior to this year Model T hoods were made of aluminum.  The transitional style was the last to have the semblance of antiquity afforded by the straight front fenders, the small brass radiator, and the box-like engine hood.  Later, the patches of leather on the upholstery at the doors were replaced with leatherette protected from wear by pressed steel caps.  The 60-inch tread, which required larger fenders, longer fender brackets, longer axles, housings, tie rods, etc, was discontinued after July replaced by the standard 56-inch tread.  Hubcaps were still fabricated of thin, polished brass.

This 1916 Model T Touring Car is 98% original.  It has its original four-cylinder engine, manual transmission, black leatherette interior, and exterior black paint. 

Total 1916 Model T Production; 533,921
Original Base MSRP: $360.00

Stock Number C 146

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