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1912 Ford Model T
Depot Hack
Vin Number: 2852712
Exterior Color: Red w/Oak Wood Sides

1912 Ford Model T
 Depot Hack

VIN Number:   2852712

Date of Manufacture:  N/A

Assembly Plant:  N/A

Exterior Color:  Red w/Oak Wood Sides

Convertible Top:  N/A

Interior Trim:  Black Vinyl

Engine: 176.7 CID Ford Flathead (L-Head) Inline 4 - Cylinder 22 Horsepower
Bore & Stroke; 3.75’X 4.00”

Transmission:  2-Speed Planetary Floor Pedal Shift
Controlled by three pedals: Clutch (Left), Reverse (Middle), and Brake (Right)


Wheelbase:  100.0 inches

 Weight:  1,200 LBS

Overall Length;   136.0 inches

Tires:  Front 30”X 3”, Rear 30”X 3.5”

1912 Ford Model T
Depot Hack

Model Year History Overview:

Ford Model T Depot Hacks have all-wood bodies and are the forerunners of the modern-day SUV.

The first Model T was introduced on October 1, 1908.  From the beginning its inline four-cylinder 22 hp engine, ample fuel tank and stout wheels and springs all suggested the Model T had the ability to travel far and wide and with utter reliability.  The Model T used a side-valve, three-main-bearing, engine with cylinders cast “en bloc.”
Displacement was 176.7 cid, and compression was 4.5:1, and it ran on almost anything from gasoline to a good grade of kerosene.  Model T first used sheet metal in its bodies in 1911.  Up to this time, most bodies were made entirely of wood, though aluminum had been used for some in 1909.  The most notable change for 1912 was the availability of what we now call an “option.”  In this case it was separate front doors for the Touring Car.

Total 1912 Ford Model T Production; 78,440     
Total 1912 Ford Model T,
Commercial Vehicle Production; 17,345              
          Originally Sold To: N/A

MSRP: $690.00

Stock Number:  C 133

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