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1957 Thunderbird

Model Year History Overview:
In 1957 Thunderbird continued the trend started in 1955 offering a small and racy car with a unique look and personality that would set it apart from its contemporaries. The 1957 model featured engine power boosts, all new sheet metal and interior with few carry-over items from the ’55-56 models.  New for ’57 was the Dial-A-Matic memory power seat option. A supercharged version (“F” model) was developed to enter the East Coast NASCAR racing circuit.
Although the original two-seated T-Bird was only manufactured for three years, it was so advanced in concept that its influence in the automobile industry is still being felt.
Production of these classics ended in 1957. In 1955 Thunderbird outsold the Chevrolet Corvette 20-1.

Total 1957 Thunderbird Production:   21,380
Originally Sold To: Ford Export Operations, Jersey City, NJ (Shipped To Ford, Naples, Italy)
Original MSRP:  $3,408.00
Dealer Invoice: $2,860.26

1957 Thunderbird
VIN Number:  D7FH189020
Body Code 40
Production Code 11A820257P
Build Date: 11 January 1957
District Dealer Code: 82 Export Operations, New Jersey
Date of Manufacture:  29 August 1956
Assembly Plant:  Dearborn, Michigan
Exterior Color:  Willow Green (JJ)
Convertible Top:  White Vinyl
Interior Trim:  Colonial White Vinyl (XK)
Engine:  312 CID OHV Thunderbird Special V-8    245 Horsepower     Bore/Stroke:  3.80’ X 3.44”
Transmission:  Ford-O-Matic

  • Town & Country AM Push Button Signal Seek Radio
  • Air Conditioner
  • Fresh Air Heater & Defroster
  • Engine Dress Up Kit
  • Dial-A-Matic Memory Seat
  • Power Steering, Brakes, Windows & Seat
  • Hardtop & Soft top
  • Windshield Washer
  • 7.50X14 Wide Whitewall Tires
  • Kelse Hayes - Type,Wire Wheels

Wheelbase:  102.0 inches
Weight:  3,145 LBS

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