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2002 Jaguar XK8 “Union Jack” Convertible

Model Year History Overview:
Although this Jaguar took its curvy styling from the 1961 Jaguar E-Type, XK8, launched in 1996, it was really a replacement for the then 21-year-old XJS.  XK8 is a car designed to compete directly with the Mercedes SL and the BMW 850 coupes – a swift, silent, soft-riding express for drivers who might like the look of a modern E-Type interpretation but would not be able to come to terms with its raw aggression and lack of space.  This car is curvaceous and elegant but not too self-consciously retro, its oval air intake, glassed-in headlights and hood bulge all clearly recall the E-Type.  Its 4 litre 290 hp quad cam, 32-valve, V-8 with sequential fuel injection combine supreme refinements with real push.  It has a top speed of 151 mph; 0-60 in 6.6 seconds and 100 mph in 16.7 seconds.
This “Shaguar” was used in the production of the Austin Powers film “Goldmember” staring Mike Myers.  A letter of authenticity from New Line Cinema Corp., New York is on file.  A “Shaguar” nameplate is mounted on the left rear side of the car.

Originally Sold To: N/A
MSRP:  $90,146.00 (£47,950)

Stock Number: C 108

Yea Baby, its Austin's car that was purchased through the 2002 Southby's International Auction by another dealer friend of Mr. Pack. Eighty-eight bidders opted to spend in excess of the original (un-altered version) of this Jaguar XK8 Convertible. The car is pretty much a stock XK with a few embellishments. For instance Baaaaaaby, there's a button (shown below) for the machine guns which comes in handy when going to the grocery store as well as another button (also shown) to pop up the bullet-proof shield and, of course, the flag. Oh yes, the flag. All of these options are great when dark forces are trying to steal your "Mojo". Imagine the Shagmaster letting Dr. Evil and Mini-Me believe the buttons actually worked. That Cleaver Brit.

2002 Jaguar XK8 Convertible
“Union Jack”

VIN Number:  SAJDA42C92NA25356
Date of Manufacture:  N/A
Assembly Plant:  N/A
Exterior Color:  Red, White & Blue
Convertible Top:   Black Canvas
Interior Trim:  Charcoal Leather
Engine 4.0 Litre Jaguar 32-Valve DOHC V-8
290 Horsepower
Bore/Stroke: N/A
10.75:1 Compression

Transmission:  5-Speed Automatic Console Shift


    AM/FM Cassette Stereo Radio

    Power Steering

    ABS Brakes

    Power Seat

    Power Top

    Speed Control

    Automatic Climate Control

    Cast Aluminum Wheels245/70ZR17 Black Wall Tires

Weight: 3,634 LBS
Wheelbase: 187 Inches
Width: 72 inches

Height: 50.5 inches


Truth be told there were actually three Jags made for this film and could be distinguished from each other if you closely paid attention to the Union Jack paint scheme. Just a little focus on the placement of the flag's stripes could allow you to know which car was which. On our dealership's vehicle, the inside (Pass. side) white stripe of the Union Jack goes past the hood edge and a little of the blue color is exposed past the hood and fender fit. In the other case (below) that same white stripe is matched evenly to the hood/fender joint. Another example would be on our car the chrome bezel surrounding the pass. side headlamp virtually covers up most all of the red stripe whereas on one of the other cars (below) barely a little of the red is obscured.

Featuring Mike Myers, Heather Graham, Michael Cain, Robert Wagner, and a host of Hollywood notables and Vern Troyer as Mini-Me, this release may not have been Austin's best movie but it was entertaining as only Mike Myers can be in costume

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